Relationship Coaching

There is little in life that can compare to the deep fulfillment and joy of a harmonious relationship. But on the flip side, few things can put us in as much pain or despair as discord with our significant other.

It is important to remember that interpersonal conflicts are harmful and can create life-threatening situations. When in turmoil, our IQ drops by 15 points on average, our blood pressure raises, blood in our veins becomes sticky and our sugar levels rise. This fight-or-flight response is a natural mechanism that has saved lives, but when it occurs repeatedly,  it can destroy our health and even claim our life.

Using simple tools, you and your partner can take control of your stress response, stop the chain reaction of a heated argument and use a mindful dialogue to resolve your differences constructively.

Learning mindful dialogue can change the way we react to life and profoundly transform a relationship. In 30 my years of studying mindfulness practices, I was fortunate to work with many talented teachers, and the changes to my life were astonishing. Today, I am excited to share what I’ve been learning about connecting with a loved one on a deeper level and creating harmony.

If you feel that you and your partner have “hit the wall” in your relationship and you would like to try relationship coaching, give me a call/text at (949)441-0678. In our free intro session I will share with you some valuable tools for strengthening your relationship in a mindful and loving way.

In our following sessions you will explore the art of connecting with each other on a more profound level through mindful dialogue.
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